Welcome to the Math and Stats Support Centre sides, which provides the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University.

Support Centre is in presence again!

The whole world is online, so we stay online too. As long as the conditions allow, we prefer to meet you in person, but online support still works 😊

At the Support Centre, we like to meet everyone. Primary we are a centre focused on students of mathematics and statistics because this issue ist most relevant for them.  But even students who have already absolved these subjects and would like to consult mathematical and statistical procedures in their seminar, bachelor’s or other final theses will not leave without help. So if you have something to ask, do not hesitate to visit us. We may not do your work, but we believe you will leave with the enjoyable feeling that you know how to do it by yourself.  

Our Centre is tiny, but that does not mean you have to come alone. So if you are a group of people with a similar problem, then come all of you. The more, the merrier works, especially for people that love to talk about mathematics and statistics and that fact is statistically proven.    

The consultations focus on three main areas – mathematics, statistics and Excel. In part The opening hours, you always find who leads a consultation, when they took part and their focus. However, we pretend to be multifunctional, so if you miss a consultation focused on your problem or are unsure which area to choose, then come according to your time possibilities, and you will not leave without advice. (Or at least without a pleasant talk that will warm the soul:)

As we mentioned, everything is on the web as well as we. Online support is still working. You will find us at MS Teams. If you have a simple problem, you can write it down in a few sentences then write it directly in the chat. If you have a more complex problem, you can use online consultation(ideally arrange the time in the conversation).

In the Support Centre you will meet super people – tutors, they are teachers or students. They happily give you valuable advice and help you get in the heart of mathematics and statistics, understand the context and clarify the unclear. And as a bonus, they will smile at it. All this you get for free, although it is common that similar services are charged at a decent rate of 300 Kč/hour.

It is good to keep in your mind that the Math and Stat Support Centre in no way replaces the lectures, seminars, or other types of exercises that are part of the study. The Centre works as another alternative educational resource that can offer help and advice to students who have problems or want to face other challenges in mathematics and statistics. The tutor's approach in the Support Centre is different from the classic approach of teachers at a seminar or exercise, and we have our principles here. You can find them under the name the Tutor Code. The Centre provides support to all students of Masaryk University and also to students of other universities.

Project “Mathematics and Statistics Support Centre - MSSC” is supported by Norwegian funds. The project registration number is NF-CZ07-ICP-4-339-2016. We are very thankful for this support.

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