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Main objective of this project is to create a network of partners colaborating towards common purpose, which is to raise quality of drop-in centre, help each other with support, share good knowledge and experience. Our partners are Brno Univerzity of Technology, Tomas Bata Univerzity in Zlin, University of Agder and The Arctic University of Norway.

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Preparation of the project

To run the Mathematics and Statistics Support Centre it is essential to have a room which is equipped with technology and further equipment. The first bunch of supportive materials was needed. The system recording visits as well as solved problems were prepared. Initial websities were launched.



Expert workshops and seminar

Throughout the whole project expert seminars have been organized including extending the skills of the MSSC tutors. Compared to the planned activities the list of the performed seminars has been significantly widened, thus bringing more added value from the project realization.



Visit of the FEA MU team members in Norway

A two day visit of Czech partners at UiA in order to visit Drop In support centres in Norway. Discussion with UiA support centre tutors and introduction into key principles of running considered centres. The exact date will be adjusted according to the time possibilities of both partners.

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Everyday operations of the new MSSC

The everyday operation of the centre,  developing MSSC websites, designing on-line study materials as well as implementing of study materials into support centre activities. Visit of an expert on support centre expected. Training of staff on pedagogical skills and expertise in statistical and quantitative methods



Preparation of the new study materials including cooperation with the project partner

Selected study materials were translated from English into Czech language under permission of Sigma network for excellence in mathematics and statistics support. This materials were given to the primary target group - students in the online version on the new center websites.




Workshop MSSC

A visit of Norwegian partners in newly established support centre at MU, suggestions how to improve the centre operation, presentation about their Drop In support centres to further czech colleagues.




Offical ceremonial opening of the MSSC

The first official days in MSSC had an open day character. Students were invited (by communication channels like relelvant sites, note boards, facebook, leaflets,..)  to see and visit the centre, to encounter with tutors, to become aware of the philosophy of the centre, to remember there is a place where to study eighter under the tutor or with friends' aid any math-related problems, etc.



Future Lab

The event was focused on future learning, key topics included new student and worker mobilities, emergent sharing economies, future work and future robotics, collaborative learning, media and social interaction, games and learning.



Matric Modelling Colloguium and BUT-MAS cologuium

The goal of this colloquium was to bring together people using or interested in using modelling and realistic applications in undergraduate university teaching and researching on the use of mathematical models and modelling in teaching.



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